Joe Sturtevant

My Journey To Becoming An Engipreneur

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a large middle-class family. I was the youngest of five kids but the first to graduate from college with a four-year degree. I chose to study civil engineering in college because I loved science, engineering, and construction. But I also had an independent entrepreneurial fire in me from a very young age.
After graduating from Santa Clara University with a civil engineering degree in 1992, I passed the EIT exam and started working for a land development and infrastructure engineering firm.
After a few years, I quickly grew frustrated with the standard engineering career path and decided to carve my own way. I started my first engineering company in 1995 but it was not easy.
I struggled to find my way using trial and error as my mode of operation. There just wasn’t resources readily available to help me. None of the knowledge and skills I had to learn the hard way through these years were taught in engineering school or in the early engineering career training years.
Fortunately, the struggles and hard work paid off and I figured out how to become successful at being both an engineer and entrepreneur and went on to build several multi-million-dollar businesses in multiple engineering related industries as an Engipreneur.
From graduate, to Engineer-In-Training, to design engineer, to project manager, to engineering firm owner, to real estate developer, and to innovative products inventor, I discovered in my 25+ year career that being an Engipreneur is exciting, fulfilling, and can be very lucrative.
Now I want to teach, coach, and mentor those uniquely driven engineers that want to push their careers to the highest level without all the pain and difficulty that I had to go through.
I hope to meet you and help you on your exciting career path as an Engipreneur.
I wish you great success,

Joe Sturtevant, PE