Engineers leave managers, not companies

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Do people really leave managers, rather than companies? And if so, how do you fix the problem? The data suggests bad management is a real and significant issue. According to a study by Gallup, one in two people admitted…

A Civil Engineering Career Guide

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This informative article is brought to us by Alex Kolkena, PE. He recently published this article in Medium and we think it would be a good read for young civil engineers. It is Alex’s career story and provides…

20 Questions To Improve Your Self Awareness

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Self awareness is an important factor to your goal setting and priorities. Without a good understanding of yourself, you won’t be able to be authentic which will lead to getting off track in your career and life. To…

Salary Negotiation – How To Ask For A Raise For Engineers

Are you not sure about how to ask for a salary raise at your place of work? If you are an engineer or whatever job you do, there three nice ways to ask for a salary raise. If…

Adaptability should be your new hire’s top soft skill. Here’s how to test for it

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In virtually every profession, workers need demonstrable qualifications and skills to be considered competent. When looking for a new job, candidates may highlight these on their résumés, hoping to stand out from the competition. In the past, employers may have relied exclusively on résumés to determine which individuals to interview. However, as the workplace evolves […]

How to Work Faster but also Smarter as a Civil Engineer

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Alright, so in this article, I want to discuss working smart but also fast as a civil engineer.  We know that the pressures of being a civil engineering professional in today’s world is high utilization rate.  In order…